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 photo of Peter Rand

Peter Rand

Principal / Lead Producer

My name is Peter Rand and I’ve been involved with film, video and digital media for over twenty years.

After almost a decade of designing content and stage visuals for artists and events all over the world, I joined the Rooted in Rights program at Disability Rights Washington. There I spent 4 years working as Lead Video Editor and Motion Designer helping produce hundreds of pieces of accessible content for nonprofits across the country. I also became a trained audio describer, learned that accessibility should be an integral part of any post-production workflow, and realized just how much good a clear and creative informational video can do. 

I started Good Point Creative for organizations who need to share important information with their communities. Our videos are clear, creative, accessible, and very affordable. We offer all registered 501c3s serving the public a reduced rate knowing that the less they spend on materials, the more they can put into direct service. I look forward to collaborating with you on your next project and hope you’ll get in touch with any questions.  

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"Good Point Creative goes the extra mile with video production. On top of their collaborative style and  quality work, it's refreshing to work with creatives that  understand accessibility!" 

Rachel Miyazaki, Managing Director
Rooted in Rights
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