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Disability Rights WV: CIL, CAP, and PABBS programs

A suite of four videos explaining how certain programs and services can help people with disabilities be successful in and out of the workplace. Topics covered include Centers for Independent Living, working while on SSI or SSDI, employment services, and West Virginia's Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS). Produced for Disability Rights of West Virginia.

Getting Vocational Services While in School or Working

What is a Center for Independent Living?

Did you know you can work while receiving benefits?

Working while receiving Social Security benefits

Client Testimonial:

Good Point was prompt, polite, listened to our ideas/vision and helped us put our ideas into a format that would come across clearly in the videos. We feel that Good Point really made our vision come to life digitally. Peter set forth a timeline for development of the videos; and, was prompt with meeting each deadline. He even went above and beyond with a last minute request. He was also very aware of accessibility and inclusion of all people. - DROWV


Motion Graphics / Animation



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